“”Crosson have the talent, songs and, more importantly, the attitude to stand alongside the heavyweights of the genre and not look out of place.” (Terry Craven – Velvet Thunder) (UK)

Since they exploded onto the international melodic rock scene with their 2016 release ‘Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease’, followed by 2018’s ‘Invincible’ 2020’s ‘Rock N Roll Love Affair’ , and their live concert video extravaganza ‘Live At The Orpheum’ in 2021, Aussie Theatrical Glam Rockers , CROSSON, have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with their unique brand of fist- pumping, uplifting, catchy, stadium- rock anthems and their high energy, choreographed theatrical stage show.

CROSSON return all-guns blazing in 2022 with their sixth studio album Ready, Aim…. Rock !!
Once again mixed by legendary U.S engineer / producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Poison) and mastered by U.S mastering giant Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake), Ready, Aim…. Rock !! punches you in the face from the opening chords and erupts with ten infectiously catchy, highly addictive rock tunes.

” Ready Aim .. Rock !! is definitely the most sophisticated and mature CROSSON album to date. It still includes the catchy, stadium rock anthems that you’d expect, but being careful not to repeat ourselves and also grow musically, our admiration and respect for Jim Steinman ( writer for Meat Loaf / Bonnie Tyler) was channeled during the writing process which can be heard on songs like ‘United’, ‘The Way It Is & ‘Love Is Endless’” stated lead vocalist, songwriter and producer Jason Crosson .

The album also delivers three videos directed and edited by Lord Tim (Lord). The first video, ‘United’, shows CROSSON in all their glory unleashing their electrifying, energetic, choreographed stage moves while showing the band’s history with archival footage. The second video ‘Fallen From Grace’ depicts a horror-movie setting with the CROSSON dancers appearing as fallen angels and casting their demonic spell over the band which transforms them into rock ‘n roll demons. Not forgetting their tongue- in-cheek side, the third video, ‘Stop Pretending That You Love Me’ (set for release in late 2022) is a comedic love story will leave you with a smile.

Ready, Aim…. Rock !! comes crashing from the stratosphere on 9 September 2022 via Galaxy Records (Aus).

“Rock will never die whilst there are bands like Crosson” (Adam Cox – Decibil Geek (CAN)